Meet Dr Orv Owens

Orv is an author, consultant, seminar and convention speaker to corporations and associations internationally on the art of developing more productive relationships.



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Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Owens offers a variety of seminars and workshop all with a focus on developing productive relationships.  His definition of success is, “The ability to create trust relationships in all areas of a person’s life”.  Each of the seminars he offers concepts and insight into psychological make up of people, how to determine their values and relate to each person based upon their value system. The results is a productive working relationship in the business world, a more rewarding relationship in one’s personal and social life.


Scheduling Dr. Owens

Dr. Owens speaks on a variety of business and family relationship challenges. He is in demand by companies of all sizes, works with government agencies and departments, and speaks for conventions, conferences, in house training and open to the public seminars.  Check back often or contact us if you have an interest in scheduling him for your company or organization.


Coming Events

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Note of the Week

Successful people do what unsuccessful people fail to do !!

What makes some businesses become so successful when a competitive business offering teh same services or products to the same market place fail?

What is it about some people, that when you meet them you are impressed and you feel you can trust this person? Why do you choose to use their services or purchase their products and do not hesitate to refer friends and family to this perso’s business because of the trust?

If charisma comes in all sizes, ages, shapes and both sexes, why doesn’t everyone have it?

Why is it so easy to work for some people and others cause you to have blue Mondays and thank God it’s Fridays?

Do you have business people and professionals that are the only ones you will go to for that service? WHY?

As a business person, if you could make sure you appeal to or relate well with anyone you come in contact with would that increase your success?

Do you understand that effective marketing is creating enough curiosity in what you offer that clients are compelled to come and find out more about your services or products?

Have you studied the cause of repeat and referral business?

Dr. Owens has answers to all of the above !!