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    If I could show you a way to create so much interest in the products or services you offer that prospects will be calling you, would you be interested?

    And if I could help you understand your prospects resistance to your offering so that you could dissolve the block, would that help you in your progress toward meeting your personal goals?

    You see, the biggest problem you face in sales or management is opening the mind of a person so they can understand, relate to and accept that which you are saying. Most people you will meet in business, whether they are prospects or employees, are securely locked behind psychological blocks, or we call them defense mechanisms. These blocks will not allow anything into the understanding of the person that they cannot relate to based upon past experience. So as you make your presentation they may shake their head like they are understanding, but in their mind it is not registering.

    To open a persons mind and dissolve the blocks you must create curiosity with questions rather than statements. Curiosity opens the mind and creates questions that need answers. This places you in the position of being the answer to their questions. In all of my seminars and in my books I present questions that will achieve this desired effect. It is amazing how easy it is to open the mind of anyone if you ask the right questions. I opened this note with two questions that are a format you can use. “If I could show you a way…(add the information you want to give)..would you be interested?” Try this type of question in your next presentation and you will see how it will open the prospects mind to accept what you are presenting.
    Have a great week.

    Dr. O

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