Session One

This session has a focus on understanding each person that an attorney must deal with so well that the clients wants, needs and desires are satisfied, which places the attorney in a position to be the answer to the clients problem. Because FEAR is the driving force behind most actions and reactions of people, and because a persons fears are most intense when faced with a problem, an effective attorney must identify a clients fear and lift them above it if there is to be a trust relationship developed. In this session you will learn questions to ask your client and how to listen to what they say but understand why they are saying it. When you can relate to a persons inner drives and psychological makeup, you will be able to satisfy their wants, needs and desires and develop an attorney, client relationship that creates a satisfied client. That is the basis of repeat and referral business.

Session Two

Most attorneys in voir dire ask standard questions related to the case and in most cases make snap decisions about jury members without really knowing their psychological make up, how they will respond to evidence and how they will respond to the witnesses in the case.

For years Orv Owens has had lawyers, after hearing him speak at a conference, convention or seminar, question him about the ability to choose jury members that will advance their case rather than destroy it. Because he addresses inner motivations and behavior caused by the basic five motivations, the questions are always directed toward a better understanding of how to predict peoples reactions.

Eighty percent of a persons behavior is habitual, or not thought out. This means most actions and reactions happen before a person thinks about it consciously. If you can predict the habitual thinking of a potential juror, you have a far stronger position in presenting your case. The inner motivations of each jury member will either work for you or against you. This course will help you determine which it will be.

What Clients are Saying

Dr. Owens, Thanks for being one of our speakers for this years conference.  I nothing but good feedback on your teaching on inner motivations and values. I our business we sometimes get so focused on the law we forget the need to relate to all people in the process of being a lawyer.  Choosing the right people for a jury, those that would be open to our case, is vital in winning decisions for our clients.  Hope to have you back in future years.


Attorney at Law


Dr. Owens,

It is sometimes remembering we are in the people business and the law is our service.  Thanks for reminding us that without clients we are out of business and developing strong relationships with clients creates a far more productive practice.


Attorney at Law


Dr. Orv Owens

The ability to read inner motivations of clients, opposing Attorneys and their clients has been the most usable information I have received in recent years from the many speakers I have encountered.  To be able to react in an effective rebuttal to statements or questions posed has been so helpful in staying in a control position.  This is fun stuff you present.  Thanks for your seminar and the opportunity for fallow up.

Jim Arbutle

Attorney at Law


Your teaching on the inner motivations and drives was a real enlightenment to me both professionally and personally.  I am not mister personality and so seem to hold back a bit in social circles.  This teaching has open my mind to better communication skills.  Thanks.

John Issac

Attorney at Law</em>