19This workshop is designed for any person that is called upon to make presentations regularly or on occasion to groups of any size. Dr. Owens has spoken for conventions with 10,000 people and small groups of 5 and gives insights on how to create communication with every person in the room.

Each of the ten people that attend the workshop will be asked to make a 15 minute presentation based upon their business, product or service. A video tape of the presentation will be evaluated and the speaker will be given coaching on ways to make the presentation more effective. In the afternoon session each speech will be given again and video taped to show the speaker how much more effective their presentation was using the techniques offered at the workshop.

Effective presentations do not “just happen”, they are worked on, polished and rehearsed. This workshop offers you the insights from a nationally known professional speaker that will give you the do’s and don’ts for any presentation you are asked to give. The confidence you will develop will make this part of your responsibilities more rewarding and productive.

What Clients are Saying

Dr. Owens, I just have to let you know that this workshop on public speaking has changed my life.  I know that sounds strange, but it has given me a new confidence that has carried over to all areas of my life.  I have just recently taken on a new job that requires me to meet with and speak for both employees and in some cases clients of our company.  To be able to prepare and present with the knowledge you gave me in this seminar and my new self image of being a good speaker, has changed my life.

Thank you Thank You!


Fluke Corporation

I want to express my appreciation for the seminar you conducted on public speaking, it has had a great deal of impact on my confidence, not only as a speaker, but also as a contributor of ideas in our company conferences and business meetings.  I have always been the guy at the back of the room with nothing to say.  That has changed and the reinforcement I am getting from peers and management has really been a great boost to my confidence and personal development.

John White
Borg Corporation