Couple 7.5


  • Session One: How to develop and maintain a Love Relationship in marriage.

  • Session Two: For men only, “What is masculinity from a woman’s point of view.”

  • Session Three: For women only, “What is femininity from a man’s point of view.”

  • Session Four: Creating a home structure for children that develops a high self-esteem.

When the wants, needs and desires of a person are satisfied within the home a unity relationship is developed that brings happiness, peace of mind and joy. Through good times and bad a family will stand
together if they have developed a unity relationship.


Dr. Orv,

Just a word or two to tell you how much the family seminar has meant to our family.  With four children at a wide age range we sometimes forget some of the important things in marriage that make it special.  I know busy is not an excuse but your teaching has brought the two of us back to a stronger focus on our relationship and our need for the closeness that we had in the beginning.  We are now enjoying a honey moon all the time.

John & Betty

Dallas, TX

Dr. O,

As you know my wife and I were separated when we met you at a sales seminar.  Your sales training was great and had immediate impact on my business.  When I heard about the How Are Things at Home seminar I asked my wife if she would join me in taking the course.  She did, and the rest is just a total turn around in our relationship.  She is working very hard on her part and doing great, and I am working as hard as I can to become the man she thought she was marrying.  We will give you an update every so often and sure want to take a refresher course when it is offered in our area again.

Thanks so much,

D. G.

Atlantic City, NJ