happy-people-no-bg.pngA six hour seminar on how to develop a high self esteem, a strong self concept and reach goals, what ever they may be, in a teenagers life. Most teenagers feel frustrated and hopeless because of a lack of direction in life. They are trying to find their own way, become an adult and their own person, so they have difficulty taking advice from adults, especially their parents. In this seminar they will learn how to be everything they wish to be and what they must do to get there. The results are better relationships with teachers, parents, siblings and friends, higher grades, less peer pressure and a more open minded relationship with authority. Knowing how to reach a goal is the first step toward making it happen.


  • How to get better grades

  • How to understand and relate to everyone in your life

  • How to choose a life occupation

  • How to interview for a job

  • Ten things corporations look for in hiring an employee

  • Dating and marriage, what’s it really all about?

Thousands of teenagers have found answers that work for them to LIFE’s questions. The confidence this creates is obvious to everyone in their world and makes them into a leader in all of their endeavors.

What Students & Teachers are Saying

“The best course I have taken on understanding how to take full responsibility for my life and my future.”

“This course gave me some great ideas about setting goals and achieving them.”

“To be able to understand why people act the way they do has helped me get along better with my brother and my parents.”

“My grades have jumped a full point by applying the teaching of Dr. Owens.  Mom & Dad are really happy and so is my teachers.”

“What this course has done for my confidence is evident to all my friends and my teachers.”

“The Life Course has helped me get over being so shy that I get sick when I am asked to talk in front of the class.  My last speech was great because I wasn’t shaking and my voice was strong.”

“As a teacher I have experienced many courses, and have taught a few, that have a focus on developing self esteem.  The Life Course offered by Dr. Orv Owens is by far the most effective I have experienced.  The change in attitude by our students was almost shocking.  One of my students who usually finds joy in putting other students down has actully been supportive and encouraging.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the students not only stayed open to this teaching, but how many of them got very involved.  It has been over a month since the course was offered and we are still seeing great results.  I am hearing students, almost every day, quote Dr. Orv, as they call him, in helping a fellow student with a problem.”


10 Grade Teacher

St. Louis, MO