The PERSON TO PERSON Seminar is ideally suited for any person in an organization who is dealing with the public on an ongoing basis. It will enhance the employees ability to get along with fellow employees, relate more effectively with the boss and carry over into their personal life outside the office.

Businesses spend millions of dollars on beautiful buildings, thousands on advertising to attract customers into those buildings, and then pay a clerk, receptionist, or other front desk person, a minimum wage to chase people away. Business crime nationally costs more than $5 billion each year, but it cannot compete with the loss of business due to inadequately trained employees.

Yet, it is relatively simple to reorient employee attitudes to project a willing, helpful image for their employer, fellow employees and the customer or client. This seminar explores and presents information on how to deal with people to their satisfaction without costing more time, material or money. Imagine just one business you enjoy dealing with and upon analysis it is apparent the enjoyment is due to positive attitudes encountered there.

The employees are shown the personal benefits of having a positive disposition and attitude, which has a carry over effect in every area of their lives. Remember, your people make the first impression of your business and it is a lasting impression.

What Clients are Saying

Dr. Owens,

“Thanks for the great training for myself and several of our sales staff.  I like the concept of being a sales person rather than just a sales clerk.  I think our staff is really enjoying applying the relationship concepts you presented and we are seeing an increase in sales and referral business.  If I can get my total staff using what you teach, I am sure we can set new sales records in the months ahead.  Everyone thought your teaching was helpful and usable.”


E.B. Sales Manager

Eastridge Center</em>

I want to express my appreciation for the seminar you conducted for my Sales Staff. The most possitve reaction I have ever gotten from them in the years I have been in my posistion. We deal with a great varity of customers and to help our sales staff understand how to relate to each person as an individual has inspired our staff and we are seeing a possitive reaction from the customers. They now feel they are getting special attention and service.  I know this is all going to increase customers as the word spreads in our community.

<em>John Walters</em>
<em>Sales Manager</em>