How do you place the right person in the right position? Most corporations, organizations and agencies find this to be one of the great challenges of management. If you could know the inner motivations of your employees and with which type of responsibility they best function, could you be more effective overcoming this problem?

The PERSONALITY PROFILE is helping top management develop a work force, sales force and management team that utilizes maximum natural ability of each employee. A successful business is
built on the strength of each team member, but that can only be accomplished when these strengths are recognized.

The PERSONALITY PROFILE will assist you in hiring the best candidate for a position rather than filling positions with the most available person at the time of need. Now you can go beyond the general education and experience qualifications and determine the psychological makeup of the person and their ability to deal with people problems and job related relationship problems.

Physical skills and experience do not guarantee effectiveness in any given profession or position. Studies have shown that an individual’s emotional drives and attitudes have great impact upon their success, job satisfaction and happiness. Fulfillment in a job is accomplished when each employee is comfortable with the responsibilities of their job but challenged by the creative requirements to be productive. When each employee has job satisfaction productivity increases, absenteeism decreases and the emotional environment of the organization is positive.

What Clients are Saying

“We have been using your “Direction in Management” and ‘Relationship Selling’ programs for seven years. We had three hotels, today, we have 19 and over 3000 employees. We believe our success in hiring key employee as we have grown is due to your help with the interviewing tools your company offers.  We use the profile system in hiring and promoting and have found it to give us the feed-back we need to not make a personnel mistake.  We are definitely a satisfied customer.”

Gary S Williams
Coakley Williams Hotel Management Company

Hiring new employees is always a challenge and often becomes a huge cost factor.  For most of us who do not hire on a regular basis, it is even more difficult.  The help you gave us in creating a structure that covered everything from the job descriptions to questions to ask and how to read inner motivations, strengths and weakness’, made this task of hiring several new managers much easier.  We have each person now on board and the management team is doing well. Thanks.”

John Whilee

Computer Network Inc.