dummy005This survey gives each employee opportunity to be candid in expressing his/her thoughts about the work – place. Questions cover all aspects of an employees work life documenting positives and negatives without concern of repercussions from management.

The results of this survey allows top management to address overall concerns of the workforce, correcting situations that can be changed, discussing reasons for those that cannot. This allows management to hear and understand employee concerns, work toward building a better and more productive work place, and causes the employees to realize that leadership cares.

Results can be measured in less turnover in personnel, less absenteeism, less dissension in the ranks, higher productivity and profitability.

What Clients are Saying

“We needed feedback on employee attitudes and how they effect their day to day work, both with other employees and with our clients.  The results we had opened our understanding of those who were doing well and those who might be struggleing with their attitude.  Repeat and referral business is important to us and we believe each employee has an impact on this.  Thanks for the help and insight, we have a clear picture of where we need to focus our efforts with our staff.”


Bob Everly

AMF Corp.



” Everyone was nerviose when we administered this program but the results was great.  Those who needed coaching appricate the opportunity to grow, and I believe we will be far better in over all attitude in the company in the days ahead. Thanks.”

Barry Hanson

Waverly Action Company