Developing Repeat & Referral Business


Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant, Chief, all have one thing in common. They and their staff must develop a trust relationship with their patient, client or customer if they are going to build a successful business. Yet, you have have been in places of business in which you had the feeling the person offering the products or services would just as soon not have you bother them. 80% of the businesses formed today will have failed within two years. Studies have shown that those who succeed in offering any service or product to the public build on repeat and referral business. If you have been in business for more than three years, 50% of your client base should be from repeats and referrals. If this is not true, you are struggling to keep the doors open.

What Clients Are Saying

Any time we have an increase in sales it is caused by interest rates dropping or new industry coming into the area.  We have enjoyed an increase in closing ratio for our 96 sales associates over the last six months after taking your Relationship Selling Course.  Some have doubled their closing ratio and some have tripled.  A lot of big smiles and positive attitudes around our office!  Thanks,  C.F., ReMax Realty

The ability to not only listen to what prospects and clients are saying, but to be able to hear why they are saying what they are saying has totally changed how I work with prospects and clients.  To know what they are thinking allows me to stay in a control through out the entire sale transaction.  I now relate to the clients value system, as you teach, rather than trying to sell from my values.  This has totally changed my sale approach and has increased my closing ratio, which means your course has paid for its self several times over and I am not done yet.  Thanks so much!  B.Y., Sales Associate, Caldwell Banker Real Estate.


The seminar is a fifteen-hour, two day session that offers simplified psychological mechanisms which demonstrate how to improve relationships with customers, clients or patients. This program gives practical and often entertaining illustrations of how to stimulate people according to their psychological needs.

The seminar is not just an exciting pep talk; it teaches how to overcome the greatest killer of relationships: FEAR. With this obstacle removed, the individual learns how to analyze a relationship with any person and relate to their specific wants, needs and desires. This causes the trust level to increase in the client and gives you an understanding of their psychological make-up.



Role playing and discussion time is dedicated to apply the concepts and relationship techniques presented in the seminar. Each subject covered deals with specific problems that can cause a breakdown in a sales relationship. Orv works from case studies he has encountered in his years of consulting businesses in the art of developing better relationships with the public. Feedback in the form of HIGH CLOSING RATIOS, INCREASED REPEAT and REFERRAL BUSINESS will be dividends of this workshop.