As a speaker to large and small corporate and association conferences and conventions, the quote that has been most expressed by executives who have experienced the teachings of Orv Owens is:

“The thing I like best about your presentation is the staying power it has for my people.” Delight has been expressed at Orv’s ability to captivate an audience with thoughts and illustrations. His humor softens the intensity of the subjects being discussed, making the overall presentation more entertaining. The result has been an extremely high response from audiences wherever he has been presented.

Through years of research, Orv Owens has found answers that work to questions that have caused breakdowns in relationships in all areas of life.

Orv Owens will customize his presentation to meet your specific areas of need. He will entertain, inspire and challenge your people to develop their greatest asset, the person they are. He will relate to each person in your organization in one on one answers to questions at the end of his presentation. You will understand why he is fast becoming a leading speaker throughout the world.


  • RELATIONSHIP SELLING: developing a sales relationship that creates repeat and referral business.

  • MANAGEMENT BY RELATIONSHIP: developing working relationships within an organization.

  • HIRING WINNERS: recognizing candidates that will compliment your team.

  • CONQUER STRESS & USE PRESSURE: recognize the cause of stress and utilize the power of pressure.

  • LEADERSHIP: how to lead rather than push.

  • EFFECTIVE STAFF DEVELOPMENT: how to maximize the growth of your people.

  • TEAM BUILDING: focusing on the strengths each team member brings to the organization.

  • HOW TO RELATE TO ANYONE:  Your ability to relate to any, anywhere, any time, will determine your success in all of life experiences.