A 12-hour, two day seminar that gives answers to the following questions:

  • WHY do most interviewers ask obvious questions and get obvious answers?

  • WHY does it cost American businesses over $26 billion a year to prepare, conduct, and evaluate interviews?

  • WHY do less than 50% of newly hired people last more than six months in the position for which they were hired?

  • WHY do interviewers continually make the mistake of promoting the wrong person to management positions, which adds to the cost of training and lost productivity for the company?

interviewing 3

Most interviewers ask questions that cause the applicant to give an answer that they believe will impress the interviewer rather than give accurate feedback and insight into the individuals abilities and capabilities. This makes the answers worthless in the hiring or promotion process. Interviewers often do most of the talking, feed the candidates the answers they want to hear, and then are surprised when the newly hired employee does not meet up to expectations. The effective interviewer must understand how to read the candidate’s answer to probing questions, have enough flexibility to pursue answers needing deeper investigation, and match the findings against the requirements of the job description. When the interview is over, the professional interviewer should know more about the psychological makeup of the interviewee than that person knows about himself or herself.

Results of this teaching will be new employees becoming a vital part of the team and fulfilling their role within the organization. The art of hiring and training new employees into highly productive team members becomes a reality when you can predict how a person will act or react in any given situation.
Will pressure cause this applicant to fail? Can this person handle hours of detail work and enjoy it? Does this person have the people skills to project the company image we desire our customers, clients or patients to see and feel? Is this person looking for a career or just a temporary position? How will this person fit with our corporate culture? You will learn how to find answers to these questions and many more that will make you highly skilled in interviewing.

What Clients are Saying

Dr. Orv,  Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your help in selecting the best applicants for the two positions we needed filled.  I always feel that I have difficulty getting past my first impression when interviewing, and I have found I have made some poor decisions that were costly in time, productivity and replacing that person with a whole new interviewing process.  I have found your system most effective and we are moving ahead with our new personnel.  D. B., Corning Glass, N.Y.

It is not often that I am called upon to interview applicants for our management positions.  So when this need happened it was so great having you to lean on in selecting the right person.  The new person is working out great, the strengths we saw in the interview are being used most effectively.  A great addition to our team.  Thanks for your help.  Bob Reignie, Smith & Company

I want to thank you for helping me achieve the goal of building a new leadership team for our Treasury Department.  It seemed like an impossible mountain to climb to be able to hire the right people for the six top positions in our department but with your help we pulled it off.  Each new person has picked up the responsibilities of their position and are working together like a well-oiled machine.

The unexpected happened just four months into working with this new group, I had open heart surgery and was out for a number of months.  The good news, I have recovered and the team carried all the responsibilities of our department as if they had been on the job for years.

I just don’t believe I could have pulled this off without your contribution in both training us to interview and being one of the interviewers through the whole project.


Senior V.P., Treasure

New Mexico Gas Company
Human Resources Department
7120 Wyoming Blvd, Ste. 20
Albuquerque, NM 87109