A two-day workshop that solidifies working relationships to maximize utilization of the talents of each staff person toward reaching team goals. The TEAMBUILDING WORKSHOP has been effective in creating an understanding of who each player is as a person, how best to communicate with that individual and what strengths he/she brings to the mix.

Most executives relate to their peers, superiors and subordinates purely on a professional base rather than an individual personal base. The difficulty this can create is poor communication, petty jealousies, power plays, struggles and dissension within the ranks. All of the above destroy the unity of the team. Dr. Owens gives instruction on how to recognize the fears that destroy this unity that are resident in everyone, and how to conquer the debilitating effects of these fears. As each person works toward this goal the entire team benefits. The more each person achieves this understanding the more they will recognize the same fears in other team members and can work with them to overcome the negative they create.

A personality profile is taken on each team member which gives insights into their wants, needs and desires, identifies each persons strengths, and how best to communicate with that person as an individual. Orv will help each person understand their own strengths, some lying dormant, and develop the capabilities they create into a higher use. With a greater understanding of self and a higher appreciation of other team members, the foundation is set to build a more productive organization.

This will dissolve the walls that divide, biases that create breakdowns, and personality conflicts that stand in the way of unity within the team. Each person will find a higher value in his/her position on the team, a higher respect for each of the other players and a greater enthusiasm for the potential the team brings to the organization’s purpose.

Client Comments:

“We didn’t think we had a problem with our management group.  The inner action, heated arguments, personal put downs, name calling and disrespect for team members seemed to be normal in a company our size.  This workshop has turned all of that around.  We now have mutual respect for each team mermber, a better way of discussing any disagreements and the ability to work toward a common consesus.  We are now seeing a far more productive leadership and it is showing up on our Bottom Line.”  John Hart, Ex. V.P.